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Welcome to my studio space.

According to what we see on Instagram and Pinterest, everyone has amazing studio spaces, extra rooms or buildings, tons of storage space and supplies, etc etc. The dining area with multiple windows is where all of my creating happens, though I do knit in the living room on the sofa 😉 A bookshelf houses all my painting supplies and my writing drafts. We're working on a place to dry and store canvases, but currently they are stored in moving boxes with kraft paper between each, in front of the front door. I use a giant piece of cardboard and a drop cloth to protect our table while I am painting. And you know what? It works.

Would I love a proper studio space? OF COURSE. E and I have a dream house in our heads with huge windows, a kiln and throwing spot for him, and a painting/writing space for me.

But what I think is important to share is the fact that you can carve out a place for creating right now, no matter what your living situation is.


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