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  • Pricing
    I firmly believe that art should be accessible to all. I try to price all pieces fairly, covering my initial costs for canvas, paints, etc, as well as being compensated for some of my time with each piece. Unfortunately with the rise of costs for supplies, my prices have had to increase as well. However, I completely understand being on a budget and have had to pass on pieces I have loved for that very reason. However, as an artist I would far prefer my work to be out there giving someone enjoyment than sitting in my studio because of a dollar amount. If there is a piece that truly speaks to you and you feel as though it is out of your budget, please talk to me so we can come to an agreement on an adjusted price. Payment plans are also an option, feel free to get in touch with fair offers.
  • Framing
    Unless otherwise noted, paintings come unframed. Each piece comes signed and dated on the back of the canvas. I tend leave pieces unframed, as framing can be so dependent on people's homes. If you would like suggestions for what type of frame or matting would look nice, feel free to contact me.
  • Commissions
    At this time commissions are unavailable.
  • Domestic Shipping Policy
    Shipping stated is the cost for Priority Mail in the US, as well as a small handling charge (cost for packaging, etc). If the shipping cost has an excessive overage I will refund you the difference. Tracked shipping is included in the price for all original paintings. I will do my best to get your purchase shipped in 24 hours, however it could take up to three days. Thank you for your understanding.
  • International Shipping
    I am happy to ship internationally, but buyer pays any additional cost over the initial domestic shipping cost. Please email me if you are interested, and I will get you a quote for the different levels of shipping. You can then choose which you would prefer (tracked or untracked), and I will update the listing for you.
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