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As someone that is creative and needs to keep things fresh, (and being incredibly inspired by the Monet exhibit I recently viewed) I decided to try oils rather than acrylics, which had always been my go to for canvas work.

I naïvely assumed that it would be an easy transition. I am starting to get the hang of them, understanding some of the differences between the two, but it has meant a lot of discarded pieces and reworking things that usually would have been done rapidly.

These are two pieces that are similar on purpose. The left is acrylic and the right oils. I'm still working on how to get that translucent glow that I find easily with Sennelier acrylics. I keep ending up with a muddy mess. 🤦‍♀️ This is the closest I have gotten to not mud, but it is still lacking that inner glow.

Anyway, works in progress - with growth as an artist and as a person!


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