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The Painting Process

A poet and a painter, I draw inspiration from the woodlands and water of my native West Michigan.

Each painting manifests itself organically. Applying the paint colors directly to the canvas, I move and meld them around until the first layer is embedded into the fabric. As that first layer dries, I can usually understand and see how I would like to move forward with the rest of the piece.


When I use the brush, the thickness of the paint is what speaks to me. The way the colors fold together to become multi-dimensional is incredibly soothing and uplifting.

With a palette knife the scraping and building up feels altogether different. I want layers of color to speak and shine through one another. The scene reveals itself as the surface is scraped away.

Each painting is typically reworked multiple times until the movement and colors feel right. There is no quantifiable measure for it. I just know when it is complete, the same as a poem. There are some that are never finished, or that I am never happy with. Some are left alone in their half state, and some are quickly painted over ~ that old painting becoming something new, something greater.

A painting is listed for sale when I feel it is complete, ready to be enjoyed by someone else in their home. My greatest hope is that the work you choose will move you the way I was moved me to create it. 

Thank you for your support and the honor of bringing a piece of my art into your world.

                                                                     ~ M L 2023

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